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Content marketing is an ongoing process that plays a part within your overall marketing strategy. The core of content marketing lies in its communication with your consumers by regularly creating and sharing valuable content without directly selling to them. Through valuable content shared with your audience, a company who correctly delivers a content marketing strategy can influence buyer behavior and create loyalty to their brand. The content marketing team at Champ is able to assist you and your business with all aspects of the content marketing process. This includes creating a content marketing strategy, identifying the audience, choosing which channels and ultimately, implementing your content marketing plan.

White Papers/Case Studies

Blogging is a new part of any modern marketing strategy. Media fragmentation and customer indifference has led traditional marketing to new tactics. At the same time, the explosion of Internet interactivity has not only transformed businesses, but it’s changed the way companies relate to their consumers. At Champ, we can help you leverage this opportunity with the creative blogging and technological services it takes to build your brand and create long-term relationships with consumers.


The Champ Internet team has years of experience in print and web newsletter and e-newsletter design and campaign execution. Our team custom crafts a newsletter design that compliments your brand identity and can create custom newsletter designs in print or web formats. All web newsletter/e-newsletter designs are tested to ensure compatibility with all popular email servers such as Google Mail, Yahoo! Mail, Lotus Notes, and Outlook. Our project managers are skilled in the management process of email campaigns, starting with design and ending with the sending out of your e-newsletter.


Not only do white papers and case studies show thought leadership in an industry and authoritativeness, they also are great way for lead generation. These research heavy, analytical documents are a positive addition to your overall content marketing campaigns. The content marketing team at Champ is able to assist you in all aspects of the white paper and case study creation process, beginning with identifying what your business would like examine further. Our team will conduct interviews with members of your company to fully grasp the entire scope of the topic being addressed while also gathering the necessary data to accompany the topic. Once the content and data have been created and combined, our graphics team will create a custom design to house the content, in a logical and reader-friendly way.

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