Pay-Per-Click: The Basics

When it comes to Internet marketing, Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising represents the wave of the future. Google, the industry leader in PPC advertising, boasted nearly a 20% increase in PPC revenue last quarter alone – and there aren’t any signs of slowing. Today, the majority of business transactions happen online, and with more than two trillion Google searches performed annually, there’s a good chance a search-engine ad will get noticed.  

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Marketing for the Modern Restaurant

One of the challenges of running a restaurant is getting first-time diners through the door. Once they’re in, it’s easy to seduce them with impeccable service, distinctive menu offerings, and delicious flavors. But attracting new customers can seem like an uphill battle – especially because so many restaurant-goers have been burned by poor-quality dining experiences and high price tags to boot.  

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Keywords that Make Sense: Targeted Commercial Intent

Most businesses understand how SEO (search-engine optimized) content can drive visitors to their websites. Keyphrases focused on your business offerings can usually bring interested viewers in – but do they stay on your site? Companies large and small now need to ask themselves: Are we focused on search volume…or on commercial intent? 

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Responsive Design: How SEO and RWD Can Boost Your Business, Fast

Search engine optimization (SEO) is on the tip of everyone’s tongue – and rightly so. This effective strategy for driving traffic to a specific website relies on using written content that’s heavy on specific phrases. For example, if you’re in the business of selling roof repair products, your SEO content should use the words “roof,” “roofing” and “roof-repair products” in excess. Search engines, like Google, will reward your hard work by presenting your search-engine optimized website at the top of the search results list. 

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A Day in The Life as a Champ Employee

Each day starts by walking up to 55 Chapel Street in Newton. Nestled in an old converted mill building, Champ’s interior is a mix of rustic wooden beams and modern flair. The building has a café that features a different pop up restaurant every single day. A free gym is also available! I usually try to hit it up before the work day starts, but other people prefer an early evening workout.  

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Champ Hosts Workshop: Grow Your Small Business by Localizing Your Marketing Efforts

On Thursday January 12th, we hosted a Small Business Workshop, “Grow Your Business by Localizing Your Marketing Efforts,” in collaboration with the Newton Needham Chamber of Commerce. The presentation focused on using digital marketing and search engine marketing to help local businesses attract more quality traffic to their websites and grow their businesses. Here are some tips and takeaways from the workshop. 

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Choosing the right CMS

As the web evolves and more devices with access to the web pop-up everyday, it has become vital for business and website owners to be able to make updates on their website. In the early days of the internet, a business owner would have to call their webmaster every time they wanted to make a simple change to the website. Nowadays, one of the most commonly used web development tools, Content Management Systems, can be easily implemented into any design and allow business owners to take control of their website updates.  

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Creating Social Media Content That Sticks!

In today’s lightning fast digital world, it’s easy to lose potential customers to the abyss that is social media. With so much great content out there – and so little time – it can be hard to focus your energies on the likes of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that your visitors truly “stick.” And with the average online page view weighing in at just under eight seconds, it’s no wonder you’re grasping at straws when it comes to attracting social media fans. 

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Small Business Marketing Strategies You Can Afford

With so much of modern marketing happening online, it’s easy – and inexpensive – to join in the conversation. Today’s most effective marketing doesn’t need to put you in the red. Consider these simple strategies to promote and strengthen your brand, advertise your offerings, and showcase your company’s victories, as well as your clients’ glowing testimonials. 

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Digital Marketing Takeaways from the Annual Vermont Web & Marketing Summit

The Champ team had the opportunity to attend the Vermont Web & Marketing Summit in Burlington, Vermont this past month and it was very educational and inspiring. Burlington, Vermont is a fantastic town beside Lake Champlain; it’s surrounded by mountains and right on the boarder of Canada. Autumn is one of the best times of year to visit Burlington, especially to enjoy the foliage, craft beer, and local creameries – truly the perfect place for web and marketing nerds to convene.  

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5 Ways To Collect Emails On Your Blog

Having a lengthy list of email contacts can make or break your website or blog’s outreach capabilities. A good email list is vital to having people that follow your product or blog stay up-to-date on what’s happening. Once it gets going, an email list will grow and grow. However, starting out building a list of email contacts can be quite challenging. We suggest five ways in which to build this list.

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