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Champ Internet is a full service digital marketing agency offering personalized web solutions to make your business grow. Whether your business needs help creating an integrated brand strategy, developing a new website, or improving your search ranking, partnering with Champ ensures you have years of industry knowledge and expertise right at your fingertips. By creating highly customized programs, Champ delivers measurable results so your business thrives and outshines the competition.

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The SERP is No Longer Only Ruled by Being #1

Being No. 1 no longer means automatic clicks. After years of focusing on being the very first result to show up for a specific search query, we are learning more and more that various elements play a role in where on a search result page a user will click. There is more variety for Search Engine Results Page (SERP) designs and each one predisposes a user to react differently.

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Don’t Let Your E-commerce Website Take a Vacation This Summer

You can certainly plan a vacation this summer, but don’t let your website spend too much time at the beach. We live in a time when people rely on the internet for their informational and shopping needs. When it comes to websites, trends are always changing, so keeping up with them is crucial. For e-commerce websites, this is perhaps even more important. The increase in online shopping continues to grow immensely and competition is fierce. If your e-commerce website isn’t user-friendly and easy to navigate, you can say goodbye to potential sales. There are plenty of other websites waiting to scoop up lost customers potentially because of a bad experience they had on your site, so nip it in the bud with these best practices. ..

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