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Company News

Image for IdeaMensch Interview with our CEO, Seth Worby

Champ In The News

IdeaMensch Interview with our CEO, Seth Worby
An interview with our CEO Seth Worby on his success with Champ.Take...

Speaking Engagements

This webinar is part of BrightTALK's Founders Spotlight series. In this episode,...
Image for Kindness is non-perishable; Giving Back to our Community

Community Service

Kindness is non-perishable; Giving Back to our Community
In our community of Newton, 1 in 8 households survive on less...


We hosted the Newton-Needham Chamber Coffee Connect where about fifty people...

Meet The Team

Seth Worby

Founder of Champ Internet Solutions, Seth has years of experience and is viewed as a thought leader in the online...

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Kyle Martin
VP of Client Services

Kyle spends his time overseeing the deployment of client initiatives, from initial brainstorm to final signoff. With a focus on...

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Sam Silverman
Director of Strategy & Corporate Marketing

Sam is our Director of Strategy & Corporate Marketing, who brings enthusiasm and detail-oriented work to Champ.

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Eric Colantropo
Development Manager

Always one of the first to know about the latest news in tech and web development, Eric's ambition and passion...

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Tim Weydt
Digital Marketing Manager - Search

Tim joined Champ as a Digital Marketing Associate with a passion for learning the latest marketing trends.

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Amy Brandt
Digital Marketing Manager - Social & Email

Amy comes to Champ with four years of marketing experience, along with a love of writing and social media.

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Brooke Christensen
Senior Account Manager & Web Support Manager

Brooke joined Champ in 2015 as a member of Champ's Account Management team. She's known for being both creative...

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Anandini Sekhar
Senior Account Manager

Anandini comes to Champ Internet Solutions as an Account Executive with 15 years of marketing communications and sales experience in...

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Josefine Nowitz
VP of Business Development & Marketing

Josefine joined Champ in 2014 as an Account Manager of Champ’s client services team and is now responsible for corporate...

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Wendy Wu
Senior Designer

Wendy Wu brings thirteen years of design experience to Champ’s creative team. With an eye for everything from logos and...

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Hayley Malloy
Account Manager & Technical Strategy Manager

Hayley is an account manager who is known for being patient and cool-headed. She approaches every task with an entrepreneurial...

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Jamieson Bernard
Web Developer

Jamieson is a web developer at Champ who develops functional user experiences with a priority for accessibility.

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Alex Ho
Web Developer

Alex Ho, Web Developer, joins Champ with a passion for functional, innovative web design.

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Katelyn Boutin
Account Manager

Katelyn Boutin, Project Manager, brings years of dynamic sales and entrepreneurial experience to her role at Champ. She loves working...

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Paige Seavey
Account Manager

Paige Seavey, Account Manager, joined Champ in 2019. Armed with years of marketing, sales, and events experience from within a...

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Oceanna O’Donnell
Account Manager

Oceanna comes to Champ with over 15 years of experience in marketing and advertising. She has experience working in the...

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Karen Ly
Assistant Digital Marketing Manager

Karen e is known for maximizing shares, clicks, conversation and engagement on social media, SEO competitive analyses, and keyword research...

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Kavya Sebastian
Content Marketing Associate

Kavya joined Champ upon graduation from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a BBA in Marketing. She is known for...

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Seth Richtsmeier
SEO Specialist

Seth comes to Champ with seven years of search marketing experience and a passion for all things digital. He earned...

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Mike Napolitan
Senior Graphic Designer

Mike is an illustrator-turned designer with experience in several different industries. His first job was coloring comics,

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Zach McCarthy
Senior Graphic Designer

​Zach is a detail-oriented graphic designer who loves a wide range of design; from branding/logos, advertising and good typography to...

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Becky Ankeny
Senior Graphic Designer

With over twenty years experience as a graphic designer, Becky specializes in branding and print design. Her passion for typography,...

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Hannah Feldman
UX/UI Strategist

As a UX Designer & Email Strategist, Hannah establishes an engaging and interactive presence for budding companies. She captivates customers...

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Jill Rogers
HR Manager

Jill joined Champ in early 2017 as Champ's Human Resources Manager. She has over 18 years of human resources experience...

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Gladys Rivera

Clients of Gladys praise her discretion, her adherence to ethical standards, and her self-proclaimed love for numbers.

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Melissa Nowitz
Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Melissa Nowitz brings fifteen years of marketing communications experience to Champ Internet Solutions. Melissa’s diverse background has exposed her to...

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Dan Serard
Business Development Executive

Dan Serard joined Champ in the summer of 2018 as a Business Development Executive for Cannabis Creative Group. With years...

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Donn Worby

Donn brings over three decades of financial experience to Champ as our Chief Financial Officer. Prior to starting his financial....

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Marita Everhart
Content Specialist

Marita directs Champ's inter-departmental communication to ensure quality control. The overseer of client accounts, Marita brings....

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Nick Brackett
E-Commerce Consultant

Nick strategizes how to develop a framework of trust between a seller and consumer online by making the e-commerce business...

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Lahari Tammera

Lahari is a sophomore Finance and Information Systems double major at the University of Maryland. She also has a minor...

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The SEO Cat

While relaxing on her Google beanbag chair, Ralphie has seen it all for Champ. As a blogger, Ralphie is determined...

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Social Media Dog

Melanie joined the Champ team the summer of 2017. She's a good girl (yes, she is) who enjoys being outside...

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Champ ensures you have years of industry knowledge and expertise right at your fingertips. By creating highly customized programs, Champ delivers measurable results so your business thrives and outshines the competition.

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