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Web Analysis

We believe that in order to set goals and achieve results, it’s imperative to accurately evaluate current strengths and weaknesses. Before we begin to design and develop a website, construct an SEO plan, or devise a killer social media strategy, Champ runs a comprehensive web analysis on the current state of each client’s web presence at Day 1 of our partnership.  Champ web analysis examines a wide variety of variables, such as information architecture, website content, site design, and current search engine rankings for core brand and industry keywords. One of the most important functions of a strategic web analysis is the assessment of targeted keywords and keyphrases, or in other words, the search queries you want to rank for in search engines like Google or Bing. Champ will conduct research to pursue success for your business, asking the following questions:

  • What are the currently targeted keyphrases?
  • Do these keyphrases accurately represent my brand, products, and services?
  • Could I target additional keyphrases to better represent what my business does, or where it is located?
  • Is my website working to demonstrate the relevancy and authority of my business in relation to these keyphrases?

All collected web analysis data is organized to better paint a picture of the baseline for the beginning of our Champ Web Strategy Partnership. By benchmarking previous successes and locating problem areas, Champ can better understand your business needs, and more intelligently begin work to address them.

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