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About Jason Coscia

Jason Coscia

Business Development Executive

After graduating from Wheaton College, Jason moved to Japan to teach English for two and a half years. Following his experience in Japan, Jason had the opportunity to travel to 65 countries and 120 cities around the world, researching and analyzing the cost of living in each location for the Associates for International Research, Inc. (AIRINC). He then moved into sales development, specializing in the elevator industry in Greater Boston. At Champ, Jason is heading up our expansion in the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Caribbean, working and living in St. Thomas. During his off time, Jason can be found on the beach, working out, tasting new foods and traveling. He is also an aspiring deep sea fisherman and is hoping to use his spare time in the Caribbean to learn more about sport fishing.

55 Chapel St., Suite 105, Newton, MA 02458 | 617.517.0733
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