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Are you new to the world of website design and development? Curious to find out what CSS, HTML and SERP stand for? Check out our glossary to find the definitions of the most commonly used industry buzz words.

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Above the Fold

Above the fold is the top half of a webpage that a user can see without having to scroll down

Absolute Link

In an absolute link, the entire url is displayed


Google AdSense is Google's advertising network


Google AdWords is Google's ad and link network


Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, AJAX creates a more user-friendly webpage


The rules to how webpages are ranked by a search engine is known as an algorithm


Google Analytics measure your return on investment and tracks your flash and video

Anchor Text

Anchor text is when words are used to represent an url for a user to click on


B2B (Business to Business)

Business between two or more companies

Back Links

Back links link from a website to another website

Bait and Switch

In regards to SEO, bait and switch gives a search engine one version of a page while another page may be shown to those viewing it

Below the Fold

Below the fold is the bottom half of a webpage that a user can see when they scroll down on the page


Blogs are an online journal that is periodically updated



Cache is the copy of a webpage that a search engine keeps stored


When a search engine groups together links in a search result to keep the page looking organized and easy to navigate, it is called clustering

CMS (Content Management System)

Enables someone with little to no web management experience to be able to manage their business' website with relative ease

COA (Cost of Acquisition)

The total cost of all the money spent to gain a new customer

Comments Tag

Comments that are placed in the source code of a webpage

Conceptual Links

Links that search engines attempt to understand past the words

Conversion Goal

When the target goal is achieved by a visitor, it is known as the conversion goal

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate measures the effectiveness of a conversion rate of visitors into buyers


Stores information about a user's visit to a website

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)

Additional HTML code that enables more control over how a webpage looks to a user

CTA (Call to Action)

An instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response



When a webpage is connected to a database and takes some of its content from that database


Created in contrast to static HTML and is partially based off of a database in regards to content

Deep Crawl

The way Google obtains information from your website is by deep crawling

Description Tag

An HTML tag that gives a general description of a webpage


Open Directory Project, the largest human-edited directory of websites

Doorway Page

Sometimes called a bridge page, these pages are designed to rank high for a certain keyword and then will direct a user to the real webpage


Another type of CMS (content management system) that allows for easy website management in both creation and editing

Dynamic Website

On this type of website, the content changes and is interactive with a user



Electronic commerce, the trading of products or services via computer networks



Flash technology enables a website to be animated and interactive


A virtual community used for information exchange


The frames tag allows two or more webpages to be displayed at one time

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

A way to transfer data between computers



Advertising is based on geographic location



The home/main page of a website

HTML (Hypertext Marrkup Language)

A language used to create webpages and host them on the web


Inbound Links

These links point from one website to another


The way search engines find a match to a user's search is through the index

Internal Links

Link from a site to another page within the same website

IP (Internet Protocol)

Ensures that data sent between two different destinations is readable

IP Address

The code that each webpage and user's browser has to identify itself

ISP (Internet Service Provider)

The company that provides you with your internet access


Java Applets

Programs that are in java language and embedded into webpages


The scripting language that is widely used on the world wide web



The word that represents what a user could possibly be looking for in query

Keyword Density

The density on a page of how much on a page is specifically chosen for keywords

Keyword Popularity

How many times a keyword has been searched in a set period of time

Keyword Stuffing

Stuffing a keyword many times into copy

KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

Items that measure the progress of how goals are being achieved


Landing Page

The page that a user lands on after clicking on a link

Link Building

Building a database of places you have your link listed on the internet


Targeting specific users to click things on your site like advertisements or promotions

Long Tail Keyword

A combination of 3-6 keywords that create a specific phrase


Meta Tag

A tag placed in the head section of a webpage


Navigation Bar

The section on a website to help direct a spider through a website


Off Page SEO

Items that influence a website's ranking but is not found on the website itself

On Page SEO

Items that influence a website's ranking and are found on the website itself

Organic Search

Results that appear after a search because of their relevancy and are not advertisements

Outbound Links

A link from a site to another website



An algorithm used by the Google search engine to measure the authority of a webpage

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)

Used to add interactivity to webpages

PPC (Pay Per Click)

A pricing model for ads where a company only pays for the number of times a user clicks on their ad



What a user types to search, usually a keyword or phrase


Reciprocal Link

When a website lists their link on another website, with an agreement that the first website will reciprocate the advertisement on their site of the other website's link


When a user is directed from one page to another

Referral Rate

A measurement by which to determine which channel (i.e. search engine, PPC, link) is most effective at driving traffic to your website


How useful a search engine's results page is to a user

ROI (Return On Investment)

How much return you see from every marketing dollar spent



Writing that performs a specific function on a webpage

Search Directory

Similar to a search engine, a search directory only lists pages that are directly submitted to it

Search Engine

A way to find information on the internet

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Marketing a website within search engines

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Strategic actions that are done in order to improve a webpage's page ranking

SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

The results found based upon the query you have entered

Server Logs

Shows a website's traffic and sources

Short Tail

A combination of 1-2 keywords that are broad search terms/keywords


The breakdown of a website that maps out where pages are located within the website


Unsolicited advertising that is usually unethical and not aimed to a specific audience


Run by a search engine, this software examines pages and all of its links to make the website entirely indexed

Static Website

Unchanged content on a website that makes a website slightly dull and outdated


Target Audience

The market where the advertiser is aiming to target

Title Tag

Title writing seen in the blue bar at the top of a webpage which is the most important text to search engines

TLD (Top Level Domain)

The domains that end in .com, .net, .gov, .edu and .org


A toolbar is an optional browser add-on that typically is provided by a search engine


The ability to monitor audience response to an ad throughout the life of its campaign


The amount of visitors that visit a website


URL (Uniform/Universal Resource Locator)

The address to where a website is located


How user-friendly a website is

V, W, X, Y, Z


How easily your website is visible within search engine results

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