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UX (User Experience) Design

The way a visitor interacts with your website, from first impression to outreach or sale, makes up the overall user experience. At Champ, we know that a great UX makes for repeat visitors and customers.

When Champ constructs a new website for a client partner, we take into consideration numerous factors such as client products and services, target audience, and preferred design style, as well as analytical metrics from the current website, if applicable. With these needs and factors in mind, we envision the ideal user environment to match the visitors we would like to attract to the new website. Your web visitors should enjoy an efficient, pleasant, and painless experience while browsing your website, while search engine robots (used to evaluate validity and assign search result rankings) should be able to easily navigate through the sitemap.

There are many independent elements that define a user experience as positive or negative. Champ will work to establish consistency and reliability across the following experiential areas:

  • Branding: Branding includes all the aesthetic and design-related items within a website.
  • Usability: Usability refers to the general ease of use of all site components and features. Sub-topics within usability can include main navigation, page mapping and form layouts.
  • Functionality: Functionality includes all the technical and ‘behind the scenes’ processes and applications of a website. This includes the site’s interactive elements available to all end users. Note that this sometimes means both the public and site administrators.
  • Content: Content refers to the text, graphics, images, and videos that will appear on the website, as well as its structural skeleton, or information architecture.

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