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Targeted Messaging

At Champ we’re fiercely focused on aligning our efforts with your core marketing strategy and using our consumer insights to build a quantitative framework for allocating your marketing investments across mediums. With our integrated services you can be sure that every message you deliver online, every creative promotion you develop, every combination of marketing tactics you use, builds off your core strategy. It takes big-picture thinking and long-term planning to intentionally blend both online and offline tools to create the optimal communication mix to successfully capture the attention of consumers.

Web Content Development

Time is money in today’s world. And in some cases, you cannot devote the time to writing web content that effectively caters to your target audience, while also being in-line with your brand strategy. That is where Champ comes in. The editorial team at Champ is experienced in web content development for companies of all sizes and all industries. Creative or technical in nature, our writers are able to craft web content in a tone that supports your brand strategy, while also keeping the copy SEO-friendly. No matter the industry, we work with our clients to understand their business and craft a strategic approach to your web content. Once we are finished the web content development process, your site will have a content deck that is attractive to those familiar with your brand, as well as simple enough for new visitors to understand. Your new web content will not be a separate entity, but rather a part of your company’s overall brand strategy.

Content Enrichment

Getting consumers to your site is one thing. Engaging them in your content is quite another. Visitors come to your site in search of something. That means everything about your web, especially your message, has to speak to that need. Having engaging copy is essential if you want them to stay, engage and take action. Our creative team can bring you to the next level by enriching your content with SEO-smart and engaging messaging that connects, informs, motivates, and most importantly, keeps them coming back.

Press Releases

Press releases are an excellent way to alert the public about upcoming events, news or any other occurrence you wish to broadcast. Whatever the occasion is, Champ can write and distribute a press release to assist with your marketing efforts.

The Champ marketing team has experience in navigating the public relations and marketing landscapes that enables us to get your press release distributed in a timely fashion and to the proper audience for maximum exposure.

Like websites, press releases have a lot of competition with thousands of new press releases circulating daily. As a result, not only will your press releases be professional and equipped for print, they will also be SEO-friendly.

Champ offers a variety of services to do with press releases, including:

  • Pre-writing planning
  • Keyword research
  • Writing
  • Implementation

When the words on the page (or screen) come to life, people take note. And then they take action. At Champ, our copywriters are insightful. They’re involved in the strategy, focused on your business objectives and tuned-in to the mindset of your audience. That means they can take even your most complex issue and boil it down to intriguing copy. Whether they’re writing fresh or editing, they find the right words, the right tone, the right personality because great copy sells.

Case Studies

Not only do white papers and case studies show thought leadership in an industry and authoritativeness, they also are great way for lead generation. These research heavy, analytical documents are a positive addition to your overall content marketing campaigns. The content marketing team at Champ is able to assist you in all aspects of the white paper and case study creation process, beginning with identifying what your business would like examine further. Our team will conduct interviews with members of your company to fully grasp the entire scope of the topic being addressed while also gathering the necessary data to accompany the topic. Once the content and data have been created and combined, our graphics team will create a custom design to house the content, in a logical and reader-friendly way.


Blogging is a new part of any modern marketing strategy. Media fragmentation and customer indifference has led traditional marketing to new tactics. At the same time, the explosion of Internet interactivity has not only transformed businesses, but it’s changed the way companies relate to their consumers. At Champ, we can help you leverage this opportunity with the creative blogging and technological services it takes to build your brand and create long-term relationships with consumers.

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Champ ensures you have years of industry knowledge and expertise right at your fingertips. By creating highly customized programs, Champ delivers measurable results so your business thrives and outshines the competition.

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