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Mobile PPC

As mobile web search metrics increase year after year, mobile PPC campaigns are emerging as a vital tool for reaching an increasingly “on-the-go” audience of smartphone and tablet users. Google AdWords mobile PPC campaigns are similar to the standard browser PPC campaigns, but are scaled to size to be supported on a mobile browser, making for a comfortable, seamless experience for the mobile search engine user. Google mobile PPC ads are shown anytime a mobile user enters a relevant search term or keyphrase from their mobile browser into Google.

Here at Champ, we know the value of including all markets and user experiences in our clients’ mobile marketing strategies. That’s why we offer mobile PPC services that include industry and competitive analysis, ad content creation, ad testing and maintenance, and of course, ongoing success testing. With a maximum of eighteen characters on each line, mobile PPC ads are quick to grasp the attention of mobile users during their Google search. Champ can help you to key in on the words you need to get results.

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Champ ensures you have years of industry knowledge and expertise right at your fingertips. By creating highly customized programs, Champ delivers measurable results so your business thrives and outshines the competition.

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