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About Eric Colantropo

Eric Colantropo

Development Manager

Eric first discovered HTML and CSS after signing up for a high school elective, and once he wrote his first HTML document he never looked back. Shortly after completing the class, he began working at a local web development agency and his skills quickly evolved from his first "hello world" document to learning cutting-edge industry standards.

Eric connected with Champ in 2010 while he was working on a double bachelor's degree in New Media Studies and Graphic Design with a minor in Marketing at Lyndon State College. With the growth in popularity of smart phones and tablets during these years - Eric's time in college was surrounded by rapid advancements in technology. He became intrigued in the new realm of responsive web design and development, and he used that to fuel his interest and creativity of what is possible to achieve on the web. Eric is constantly fine-tuning his skills and continues his research each day in order to stay current on the latest web trends and innovations.

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