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How Champ Helped Viya Reach New Customers through Video Ads

by Tim Weydt

Here's how we used YouTube pre-roll ads to help a client based in the U.S. Virgin Islands speak to a customized market

The digital marketing world has come up with some sophisticated and complex methods for driving sales—everything from pinpoint analytics to targeted conversion rates. But in some cases, the best solutions are the simplest, and the simplest solution in marketing boils down to one thing: exposure.

Take our client, Viya, for example. Viya provides high-speed internet, mobile service, and landline plans to customers in the U.S. Virgin Islands. They offer an important service to a specific market, and when they asked us for solutions on how to reach that market, we immediately turned to a simple but versatile tool in the marketing community: YouTube.

With a regular user base of almost 2 billion people, YouTube has a massive, worldwide reach. As anyone who uses it is aware, the platform hosts brief advertorial videos in front of its more widely viewed content. We call these “pre-roll” ads. Naturally, because of its popularity and reputation, it is an excellent venue for advertisers.

But YouTube is useful for more than just its reach. We could have placed ads in any number of venues that broadcast to consumers from Los Angeles to London to Tokyo and beyond, and if we were working with a massive international conglomerate we may have done so. But instead we were trying to help a business that served a small but vibrant market, and this is where YouTube became especially helpful.

Maximizing Views from Users in U.S. Virgin Islands

As a subsidiary of Google, YouTube is able to track basic demographic data about any of its users who have a Google account (which, these days, is quite a lot). That data may include information like age, gender, and, most importantly, location. For this reason we were able to place ads specifically in front of viewers who lived in the U.S. Virgins, Viya's target market. Moreover, YouTube also tracks more sophisticated data, anticipating their viewers' consumer preferences based on their Google history. So if a user has browsed new shoes in the past, advertisers can recommend a brand of footwear to them. Or if they've expressed some interest in switching mobile service providers, we can put Viya on their minds.

Champ helped Viya produce a series of humorous, 15-second video ads and target them at their specific demographic via YouTube viewership. The results were fantastic. Over the course of two years, we delivered 6.7 million impressions and more than 750 thousand views, all at a cost of one penny per view. And these results were all within the client's target market.

Every business owner can tell you that exposure and brand recognition are crucial to success and growth as a company. In the age of the Internet, the tools we have for putting a brand in front the right eyes are more effective than ever. Our success with promoting Viya to the U.S. Virgin market by way of YouTube demonstrates that.

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