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Here at Champ, we’re always eager to get started on each and every website design and development project, but know that a successful end result is only possible with careful and insightful project planning. That’s why we take our Web Strategy Services seriously, and conduct a comprehensive web strategy phase as the first set of initiatives for each client project, whether we’re building a brand new website or rejuvenating an old version.

While your new website progresses through the Strategy Phase of our Champ Website Design & Development Partnership, we’ll be working as a team to establish the ideal creative path to satisfy the individual wants and needs of your business.

Champ’s Web Strategy & Consulting Services include:

  • A dedicated Champ Project Manager: Readily available to answer all of your questions and address any concerns, while communicating and organizing all ideas, strategies, and visions for your project as they form.
  • In-depth Discovery Session: We can’t wait to get to know your business personally! That’s why we start each Website Design & Development project with a Discovery Questionnaire and follow-up Discovery Session.
  • Comprehensive Competitor Landscape Analysis: Sizing up your company’s competition, in terms of proximity and search landscape, is a crucial part of becoming an industry leader. Champ will fully evaluate your competitive market in building your Website Strategy.
  • Informational Architecture/Sitemap Planning: A great website relies on a solid, well-planned foundation. We’ll work with you to assemble a user-friendly architecture and easily navigable sitemap.
  • Website Feature Recommendations: We want you to love your website! That’s why we dedicate time to introducing your business to the latest trends in usability, design wow factors, and rock star site features.
  • A Website Design team in-tune with your business goals! It’s a no-brainer: as our partner, we want you to succeed. In order to generate success, the Champ team will dive headfirst into your industry and the opportunities we can create there.

We plan, design, develop and deliver websites that are adaptable to the future growth and development of our clients, planning for success and preparing for change. We truly believe in “Starting with the end in mind” as we approach website strategy and consulting. That’s the Champ difference.

Web Consulting

Champ Internet Solutions offers web consulting to individuals and businesses on a variety of levels. Whether you need to build your website, need your website redesigned or need to make updates to your existing website, our Champ Internet Solutions team can help. We focus on the big picture and work with you step-by-step to get you where you want to be with our “starting with the end in mind” company philosophy. While business owners are knowledgeable in their own industry, many times they are unaware of how to showcase and promote their business online. Champ consultants provide you with the support, recommendations and tools you need to take your online business strategies to the next level.

Web Analysis

Analyze where you are and strategize how to get better.

No matter what service Champ Internet Solutions provides a client, we always conduct a website analysis to see where you currently stand. By examining a wide variety of variables such as content, information architecture, site design and current search engine page rankings, a website analysis can be created. Benchmarking is another key component that Champ Internet Solutions uses while providing companies with a website analysis. The process of benchmarking allows Champ to get a baseline reading of where your website stands in terms of your target keywords and keyphrases and to track your growth from there.

Competitive & Market Research

Before starting any project, it is important to understand the opportunities and threats in the market. By analyzing the online landscape, Champ is able to determine what is working and what is not for your competitors. We like to think outside the box, so we don’t concentrate only on direct competitors. We look at what is possible online and analyze solutions that can help your business. Once empowered with the right data regarding what can make you successful in your market, putting the strategy framework together is exciting.

When performing competitive and market research as a service, we combine various aspects of our expertise to paint the full picture for you.

Areas of expertise brought together to perform competitive and market research:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Content Writing
  • Web Development
  • System Analysis
  • Reporting Analysis

SEO Training

Champ Internet Solutions provides on-site training to businesses and personnel who would like to learn how to get the most out of their website. Champ offers a variety of levels of training in CMS and SEO that range from the basics to more advanced tactics and strategies. Our “Champ University” training sessions are designed to help you understand how to optimize your website in order to achieve better traffic and search engine rankings.

Conversion Enhancements

Having a high conversion rate is one of the most important things you can do for your website.

Our Champ conversion experts will work with you to analyze your site from start to finish. This includes reviewing the entire user experience from the user’s point of entry into your website through the top exit points. The goal of Champ’s conversion enhancement services is to increase the conversion numbers from current visitors as well as new visitors to the site in order for you to achieve a higher ROI.

Our conversion enhancement services include:

  • User interface review
  • Landing page development
  • Content development
  • Layout optimization
  • Reporting analysis

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most widely used web statistics platform. Champ Internet recommends Google Analytics on all websites, as it is the most robust software with the best support. Here at Champ, we are experts in all things Google Analytics. We can assist companies in the setup, configuration and implementation of the software to your website. Champ is able to suggest which Google Analytics solution is right for your business; whether it be standard or custom, Champ consultants are able to configure the Google Analytics solution for you and implement it on your website. Our Google Analytics services include the ability for e-commerce Google Analytics solutions, the setup of filters or goals, custom dashboard creation, scheduled reporting, iPhone app integration, and many more. Whatever your business’ goals are on the web, Champ can analyze and implement a solution to get you there.

SEO Consulting

Getting ready to launch a new website for your business and not sure how the search engines are going to react? Not a problem. Give Champ a call today and we can help you maintain the rankings you may already have, while helping strategize ways to obtain new search engine rankings in order to drive quality traffic.

One of the biggest mistakes business and website owners can make is launching a new website without taking into account the effect its search engine performance plays in the overall success of a business.

Champ has helped many businesses launch successful new websites and has saved businesses that have already launched new websites without considering the results those sites may receive in the search engines.

Traffic Analysis

An important part of your online presence is understanding the traffic that visits your website. That is why all Champ clients receive regular traffic reporting as part of their client engagement. Champ prides itself on constantly analyzing your data and working with you to understand it, so that you can make better decisions for your business by knowing what is working and what is not working on your website.

Champ Internet also offers traffic analysis services as part of a one-time project. Our team will examine your website’s analytics and make recommendations on areas that could be improved. When Champ examines a website, we compare current analytics to different sections of time, including the previous month and the same month but from a year prior. By reviewing your site’s “traffic and trends”, a more wholesome picture of your website’s traffic can be analyzed in terms of visitor’s actions on your website. A few of the statistics Champ examines include: top keywords, referral source, page of entry, top pages viewed, time spent on site, and more.

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