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Champ is committed to developing, implementing and supporting technology solutions that help you drive business on the web. While every project doesn’t call for the full breadth of our web development capabilities, every client does benefit from the depth of our insight into the full range of front- and back-end issues, components and possibilities. At Champ, we build the optimal user-experience using a proven content management system that puts you in charge of your own site and gives you the tools you need to grow your online business.

Web Development

Our web development process is guided by the principle, “Starting with the end in mind.” We are dedicated to bringing your vision to life online and ensure your goals for your website are met. Through discovering your needs on the web, we craft a custom, cleanly coded solution for your business that is housed in an easily maneuverable content management system. Champ’s web development team is here to assist you through the creation process as well as with regular site maintenance. Our monthly retainer services are perfect for those times where you need a quick fix or help tackling something more complex.

Microsite Development

Microsites operate as an additional resource to enhance or support a business’s primary website, while also focusing on one specific topic. The Champ team is well versed in the design and development of microsites, and knows when used effectively, how much value a microsite or microsites, can add to your brand. By combining your business industry’s expertise with our own in microsite development, another channel of traffic and awareness will be driven towards your brand.

Web Application

The experienced Champ web development team can streamline processes for businesses with web application development. Web applications are a great business tool for larger companies that are looking for a way to securely send data through APIs from one portal to another. All web applications we develop are mobile-friendly and built to spec. Champ’s web application development process includes analysis, design and testing, application development, QA and user-acceptance testing before it goes live. Our web application development services have been utilized by multiple publicly traded businesses.

Flash Development Services

If you are looking for that extra wow factor with interactivity, flash development may be the solution for you. The Champ web development team is experienced in using Flash development to communicate complex messages through a combination of imagery, content and sounds. Before Flash development begins, interface planning, wire framing the design and layer review will occur to ensure the client is satisfied with the design. The result is an interactive spectacle that visitors can enjoy.

System Integration

With so many web technology platforms in existence, it helps to have a partner that knows them. Champ is the qualified solution for your system integration needs. Our team is knowledgeable in the latest portals to help your business grow and succeed. If you do not know the right technology solution for your company, Champ can help you find the answer. Champ has performed system integration services with the following platforms:

Adobe Business Catalyst

Champ Internet is an experienced partner of Adobe Business Catalyst. One of the leading content management solutions on the market, Adobe Business Catalyst enables you to manage the content of your website without knowing a single line of HTML code. If your website is created within the Adobe Business Catalyst content management solution, Champ is here to teach you how to manage it on your own, as well as support you when you’re too busy to make updates yourself. Using the Adobe Business Catalyst platform enables your business to have a management console online through your website.


The WordPress content management solution has a strong following, with over 25 million users worldwide relying on its platform. Champ Internet uses WordPress for clients that want an easy to manage CMS system that also allows plug-ins to enhance the user experience. The Champ development team is skilled on integrating a variety of plug-ins to improve the functionality of your website.

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