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At Champ, we believe that starting with the end in mind leads to amazing results. This very process of planning for finish line goals is essential to all phases of our website design and development projects. Our comprehensive website design and development partnership is structured with the each individual client at the center of our focus, from brainstorm to site launch and beyond. Our Website Design & Development partnerships follow a strategic timeline, and focus on five core themes:


Champ works closely with each client during the initial project kickoff to understand past company milestones, current web challenges and future goals.

Once a wholesome brand picture is gathered, we evaluate the information architecture to ensure that the client as well as site visitors and customers can get what they’re seeking from your new website.

With a wireframe and architecture as the blueprint for our impending design and development project, the foundational structure to support thoughtful site layout and user interface is created.


After the framework of your new website is established, our design team is ready to bring your dreams to life, whether you’re coming to Champ with a complete branding suite and end result in mind or in need of full service logo and brand strategy guidance.

Our experienced designers are tasked with creating a one-of-a-kind look and feel for each client’s website that is consistent with the company’s unique personality. Champ never moves a website into development mode until the client is 100% satisfied with the overall brand impression and website design.


No matter the nature of the design or extent of the sitemap, Champ develops every website to be fully mobile and search engine friendly.

The Champ web development team custom creates each responsively designed website to meet the brand’s individual needs, and will work with any desired content management system (CMS), such as Wordpress, Magneto and Adobe Business Catalyst, or create a custom content management system upon request.

Champ will swiftly work within your project timeline all while maintaining careful attention to detail.


Once developed, each Champ-constructed website goes through staff-led quality assurance tests to make sure the site is completely functional, compatible and delivers the best user experience.

This means that we’ll prepare for client delivery of each website with a meticulous inspection of user navigability, image and content placement, device compatibility and website appearance across current versions of all major browsers.

Even after your website is launched, the Champ team will continue to regularly inspect for browser or device-related bugs.


Once all content is loaded and quality inspection and debugging is complete, Champ will notify the client that their website is ready for launch.

Upon receiving final approval, the new site will be taken live, where it will begin to index in search engines and be visible to any and everyone online.

From here, Champ will continue to address any issues that may arise in real-time, and we can train any client interested in learning to self-manage their web presence via the site’s built-in content management system (CMS).

Champ is available for immediate assistance throughout the entire web design and development process.

Since business goals and brand personality can vary greatly from client to client, Champ works closely with each of our partners to clearly define website wants and needs during the initial discovery phase of our web design and development project timeline. Our experience in working with start-ups, mid-size firms and national corporations in the e-commerce, financial and home service industries demonstrates the success of Champ’s planning-focused processes. At Champ, we want to get to know our web partners and their business inside and out. It’s this dedication to individual client wants and needs that allows us to deliver fresh, engaging and performance-based web solutions, with a proven track record of success. The Champ web design and development team follows a cyclical 5-D process, ensuring the timely completion and continual evaluation of your brand new website with thorough Discover, Design, Develop, Debug and Deliver workflow phases. By partnering with Champ for your Website Design & Development project, you’ll ensure that more products are purchased, new business is generated and brand identity accelerates toward industry leader status.

Of course, we’re also dedicated to the behind the scenes technology of website design and development. A Website Design & Development Partnership with Champ Internet Solutions guarantees your brand a new website backed with the most advanced coding techniques, webpages properly indexed on a solid site CMS framework and sensitive web data secured and protected.

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