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A thoughtfully designed website conveys more to visitors than just good looks. A lot of other structural and visual design factors are at play when someone visits your website! Love at first website visit calls for:

  • A great first impression: This calls for a clean, organized homepage with highly visible brand, contact information and navigation.
  • Brand-defining messaging: Who are you and what do you do? A visitor should be able to quickly and easily gather this information from your website.
  • Robust branding suite: Your logo, brand colors, font and tone should be seen, read and felt throughout your entire website!
  • Clear calls to action: Your homepage is the storefront of your digital business space. Your visitors should feel invited to explore, obtain information, make contact or purchase.

When a website’s homepage loads for a first time site visitor, a lasting first impression is made within seconds. In this first contact made with a potential customer, a website must visually impress and entice while also clearly present brand-defining copy and contact information. After all, visitors to your website are arriving there because they want to learn more about your company, or they are researching to choose a company within your industry (perhaps within your geographic area). Champ’s design team will ensure that the core information of your business is readily available and in plain site in order to take full advantage of opportunities for exposure and increased business that come with the creation of a fresh new website.

Your website is your billboard to the digital world, and at the same time, an open invitation to explore your brand’s mission, personality, products and services. Join Champ for a Website Design & Development Partnership to work with our designers as we create a beautiful, memorable website that is both search engine and user-friendly on all devices, across all browsers. Let’s boost your brand power with a new logo suite, brand colors, custom website and accompanying web graphics.

Effective web design strategy requires a solid understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish with your website: what your target visitors are looking for and how to best attract valuable traffic to your site. With a solid web design strategy in place, only formulated with a keen understanding of your business, Champ’s design team will get to work constructing striking graphics, fresh visual content and dynamic online marketing strategies to keep your site top of mind with customers as well as search engines.

At Champ, our team takes pride in crafting wow-worthy design concepts, built to carry your brand to new levels of online exposure, notoriety and ROI. Starting with the end in mind, Champ will work to leverage your brand awareness and online success with web designs made specifically for your target audience. Ready for a brand or website makeover with Champ web design services? Let’s get started – your future customers are waiting!

Website Design Services

Web Design

At Champ Internet, our team takes pride in crafting beautifully designed websites that are creative, search engine-friendly, and user friendly. Our design concepts build your brand to further your online presence and connect with your customers. By starting with the end in mind, Champ Internet crafts your business a custom design website that leverages your capabilities online for the present and the future. With that in mind, we develop strong graphics, fresh content and dynamic online marketing strategies to keep your site top of mind with customers as well as search engines.

Microsite Design

Creating a microsite can lead to macro opportunities.

A microsite is a spin-off of your main site, in which you focus on a specific product, area of expertise or service you offer. Microsites are beneficial when trying to emphasis something as a focal point within a marketing campaign and let you leverage targeted opportunities.

Our expertise in web strategy, web design, web development and search engine marketing makes Champ Internet Solutions the company with the perfect mix of services to build a microsite to suit your business needs. Champ can work with you from start to finish to create the best microsite possible in support of your marketing efforts.

User Interface Design

User Interface Design

Providing visitors with a user interface that allows them to accomplish their goals on your site efficiently is the essential backbone to having a good, user-friendly website. A successful user interface design can lead to greater customer satisfaction, increased traffic and higher conversion rates.

Though the functionality of your user interface is important, Champ Internet Solutions also pays great attention to the design. Champ crafts you a strategic framework for your user interface design that adheres to your company’s brand strategy and is aesthetically pleasing to your site visitors.

Landing Page Design

With three seconds to capture an audience’s attention, it is essential for businesses to have a well thought-out landing page design. If you do not think about ways to optimize your landing page design, it may cost you and your company—literally. Champ Internet’s mantra of “starting with the end in mind” certainly is evident when we are talking about landing pages. Our team works with you and your company to strategize and define what points of entry you would like your audience entering through. By crafting landing pages that take the customer’s point of view into consideration, our landing page designs leave your business with more conversions and a lower bounce rate.

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