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First impressions are everything, even online. The lasting power of a first impression is an important factor across all types of marketing, but particularly so when it comes to a first time website visitor. When someone makes a search for a product or service in Google, and chooses to click on your website URL from among other results, there is an expectation that here, on your website, the user will be able to find what they’ve been searching for.

We define the User Experience as all of the interactions a visitor or user has with a website, from the first impressions upon first site visits, to site exploration, and ultimately, conversion. This includes the user interface design, the user-friendly structural and organizational architecture and visual elements, as well as the website’s usability, which allows a site visitor to easily, efficiently and painlessly navigate the website. User Interface Design demands clear page titles and calls to action, while accurately introducing the personality of the brand itself. Usability begs the question, “Is the website designed to facilitate an intuitive experience for the user?” User experience is the total sum of both visual clarity and structure practicality, in addition to content relevancy. In other words, user experience takes all aspects of user interaction into account in order to evaluate the user’s overall satisfaction with a given website.

This is why the user experience is an absolutely critical component to consider during any website design and development project. We’re creating a digital storefront for your business, and inviting web-searching visitors to experience your brand, products, and services!

Champ will work to hone your user experience by:

  • Identifying your current and target visitors
  • Recognizing the needs, values, and capabilities of your users
  • Analyzing the demographics, online behaviors, and devices in use by your website visitors
  • Continually testing the success of newly created user interactions

User Experience/QA

With most websites having quick bounce rates, it is important for end-users to have a pleasant and pain-free experience when they browse through your site. Not only should a company’s website please the end-user with an effective and optimized path, it also must please the search engine crawlers in order to receive optimal SERP (search engine results page) placement.

There are many independent elements that when together, define whether or not a user’s experience is positive or negative. A few of the elements Champ analyzes and recommends enhancements for when reviewing the overall user experience for a client are:

  • Branding: Branding includes all the aesthetic and design-related items within a website. It entails the site’s creative projection of the desired organizational image and message.
  • Usability: Usability refers to the general ease of use of all site components and features. Sub-topics beneath the usability banner can include navigation and accessibility.
  • Functionality: Functionality includes all the technical and ‘behind the scenes’ processes and applications. It entails the site’s delivery of interactive services to all end users, and it’s important to note that this sometimes means both the public as well as administrators.
  • Content: Content refers to the actual content of the site, meaning its text, multimedia and images, as well as its structure, or information architecture. We look to see how the information and content are structured in terms of defined user needs and client business requirements.

Information Architecture

A solid information architecture (IA) is one of the most important things to have in place before you start the implementation of a new website or CMS.

The goal of information architecture is to provide the most effective way of organizing your content to give a site visitor the best user-friendly experience possible. Champ uses best-practice methods of organizing and labeling websites, intranets, and online communities, to bring the principles of design and architecture to the digital landscape.

Our team can work with you to analyze your business from mission statement to customer FAQ’s to be sure that all your information is easily accessible to both your visitors and the search engines alike. Champ is able to do IA as a part of a customer’s web development or we can do it as an independent project.

User Interface Design

Providing visitors with a user interface that allows them to accomplish their goals on your site efficiently is the essential backbone to having a good, user-friendly website. A successful user interface design can lead to greater customer satisfaction, increased traffic and higher conversion rates.

Though the functionality of your user interface is important, Champ Internet Solutions also pays great attention to the design. Champ crafts you a strategic framework for your user interface design that adheres to your company’s brand strategy and is aesthetically pleasing to your site visitors.

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