Reputation Management

Brand Strategy

In a world where it becomes increasingly easier for anyone to publish their thoughts and feelings, businesses need to protect themselves by monitoring what is being said about them. A good reputation management strategy includes engaging in the conversation with your customers regardless of whether the feedback is positive, neutral or even negative. Champ Internet knows that the backbone of reputation management is proactivity. Our reputation management strategic approach begins with a brand audit. We can help you clean up your name or strategically promote your business on the search engines or social media channels. Work with Champ on your business’ reputation management and our team will show you how to get a word in on the conversation.

Reputation Management

Ninety percent of online reviews are driven by a negative experience. While you can’t delete reviews or stop people from writing them, Champ can help you clean up your reputation and strategically promote your business.

Reputation management involves monitoring your brand and what people are saying about you, your employees or your products and services. Champ uses best practice methods and tools that enable you to follow when your company name shows up on Google, when you’ve been mentioned in a post or any other exposure that has arisen on the web. In times of online reputation crisis, Champ can be there for you too, to provide damage control and help you regain positive footing for your brand.

Social Media

In today’s digital-heavy universe, it is important to have a presence on social media networks for your brand. Champ Internet can teach companies how to effectively manage their brands on social networks or take on all of the social media responsibilities for companies. Tracking your brand’s reputation across social networks is key, as most reputation problems begin from a customer not being able to effectively communicate with a business. To build brand loyalty and trust with your customer base, it is important to address both positive and negative feedback. Giving timely responses and opening the lines of communication with consumers keeps the conversation going about your brand or products. This proactive and strategic approach to your social media brand accounts enables your business to keep tabs on the conversation and be a part of it.

Press Releases

Press releases are an excellent way to alert the public about upcoming events, news or any other occurrence you wish to broadcast. Whatever the occasion is, Champ can write and distribute a press release to assist with your marketing efforts.

The Champ marketing team has experience in navigating the public relations and marketing landscapes that enables us to get your press release distributed in a timely fashion and to the proper audience for maximum exposure.

Like websites, press releases have a lot of competition with thousands of new press releases circulating daily. As a result, not only will your press releases be professional and equipped for print, they will also be SEO-friendly.

Champ offers a variety of services to do with press releases, including:

  • Pre-writing planning
  • Keyword research
  • Writing
  • Implementation

Strategic Planning

So you have heard of SEO, but what is SMO?

SMO stands for social media optimization. Champ Internet Solutions can help you plan all aspects of your social media campaigns. When you work with us on your social media campaigns, we start with the end in mind.

Are you too busy to keep up with regularly posting in all of your social media accounts? If so, scheduled updates may be your solution. Champ Internet Solutions strategizes with companies to create a calendar of scheduled updates to be released on a regular basis that we can post for you. Planning ahead enables you to avoid that sense of panic when you realize you’ve forgotten to mention an event on Facebook or Twitter for customers to attend or have not posted your “tip of the week” for your followers.

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