PPC - Pay Per Click Advertising

Digital Marketing

Pay for what you get.

Pay-Per-Click is an Internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites. Typically, a website will pay a publisher (another website such as Google) each time an ad is clicked.

When you’re paying per click, we have to make sure your clicks hold real value for you.

It’s in our best interest to drive rush-hour traffic to your site. To do so, we research, analyze and develop an optimal list of targeted search terms suggestions. Then we evaluate, refine and optimize to make it even more effective. Our goal is to make sure your site is more than user friendly — we want to make it user rich.

Some of our Pay-Per-Click services include:

  • Dedicated Account Representative
  • Expert detailed keyword analysis
  • Expert campaign analysis
  • Hands-on PPC bid management
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly PPC meetings
  • Unlimited managed keywords
  • Expert, deep ROI analysis
  • Unlimited PPC management support

PPC Audit

There is always room for improvement in an industry that is consistently evolving, like the paid search industry. In a model where you “pay for what you get”, you want to make sure the traffic you are attracting through paid search methods is traffic that will lead to quality conversions. Champ’s pay-per-click experts keep up with the paid search industry’s trends and changes to ensure clients’ have the most optimized PPC strategies in place to get results. Our PPC experts have years of experience working with Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter.

Champ offers PPC audits of your paid search campaigns as a one-time service or as a part of an ongoing engagement. Our in-house paid search experts are here as your resource to provide you with feedback on your current PPC campaigns, identifying opportunities that your brand can leverage to get your paid search campaigns operating at peak performance. There is no one size fits all model for a PPC audit. Champ customizes our PPC audits on a per client basis, so we can deliver a personalized report to you with an optimized strategy that shows you ways to increase your conversions and decrease your ad spending dollars.

PPC Process

Pay-Per-Click is an Internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites. Typically, a website will pay a publisher (another website such as Google) each time an ad is clicked.

Planning for a pay-per-click campaign is essential in order for it to succeed. Not sure on how to go about a pay-per-click campaign? Don’t worry, that’s what Champ is here for.

Champ Internet Solutions offers a pay-per-click planning process that includes the following:

  • Keyword research
  • Account creation
  • Campaign launch
  • Campaign management
  • Reports and tracking
  • Ad design

Banner Creation

Banner ads are an evolving type of online advertising that can be an essential part of your mix. Banner ads offer significant potential with a well-targeted 24/7 marketing campaign designed to drive traffic to your site by linking to another. Today, banner ads on websites are becoming more commonplace, so to see strong results you have to ensure your ad stands out. We can help you capitalize on the few seconds your ad has to perform with compelling and interesting banner ads that carry strong messaging and calls to action.

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