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In today’s increasingly competitive world, businesses need to know how their consumers behave on mobile devices. It’s the quality of thinking and the sharpness of your messaging that gives your brand the edge in your mobile marketing campaigns. Like the traditional web, Champ knows that there is no one size fitting all in mobile marketing. Our mobile marketing strategists help you figure out what is the right message for the right audience on the right device.

Mobile SEO

When optimizing a mobile website, the same SEO tactics are still used in order to provide optimal results. Just like traditional SEO, landing page optimization is key to have an effective mobile SEO strategy campaign. Many times mobile users do not click past the first page, so you have to be sure they can find what they need right away.

Champ Internet Solutions works with companies to brainstorm, plan and implement mobile SEO strategies into their website. Our mobile SEO process starts on the homepage and works into the subpages to eventually achieve a complete SEO audit of your mobile site.

Mobile PPC

With mobile Internet searches increasing year after year, mobile PPC campaigns have become an increasingly visible mobile strategy for businesses. Google AdWords mobile PPC campaigns are similar to the standard browser PPC campaigns, but are scaled to size to be supported on a mobile browser. The Google mobile PPC ads are shown anytime a mobile user enters a search from their mobile browser on

Champ Internet Solutions offers mobile PPC services that include context strategy, PPC campaign setup and PPC monitoring services. With a maximum of eighteen characters on each line, mobile PPC ads are quick to grasp the attention of mobile users during their Google search. Champ can help you to key in on the words you need to get results.

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