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It’s no secret that the power of mobile technology has advanced beyond just a passing trend. A fast increasing number of today’s consumer population is now equipped with the latest smartphone, tablet or other device, which is used daily for online searching and even shopping. When visiting a website, these on-the-go masses not only prefer, but expect their experience to be fully functional and adaptive to their mobile device of choice. If your business isn’t catering to this rapidly growing market, you’re missing out on a bigger and bigger piece of the pie. If your website isn’t responsive to mobile browsing, your users will turn to another that is.

How Champ can help:

We believe that your website should look great and work perfectly anytime, anywhere, on any device. That’s why a seamless, responsive web design is included in each and every Champ Web Design and Development Partnership. That means that your new website will fluidly adjust and “respond” to fit within the parameters of any type of device, without sacrificing the look and feel or functionality of your site. At Champ, we don’t build websites that are limited to desktop and laptop computers, even though this is a much simpler task. Instead, we build sites for the present and future web users targeted by your business. In doing this, we create an environment that easily adapts to changing web technologies, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming redevelopment.

What you can expect from a Champ Mobile Design & Development Partnership:

  • Fully responsive, mobile & tablet-friendly website design
  • Comprehensive mobile browser testing, debugging & support
  • Cutting-edge mobile app design & development

Mobile Strategy

With a mobile device being the closest form of technology near a person at all times, it is in a company’s best interest to have their website compatible and supported by mobile devices. Champ Internet Solutions helps companies develop mobile strategies and solutions to keep up with the ever-advancing mobile technology landscape and remain in close contact with their audience and customers. Whether you need a mobile version of your company’s existing site, or a downloadable app for mobile devices, Champ is here to help you find the best way to serve your customers and prospects with mobile technology.

Mobile Browser Support

One-tenth of all web searches in 2010 were done on a mobile device. With mobile technology improving and Internet-enabled mobile devices more popular than ever before, the percentage will only continue to grow. If your website is not compatible with a mobile browser, you are missing out on key customers.

Champ Internet Solutions offers mobile browser-compatible websites that are scalable to the size of any mobile browser. Our websites detect when a mobile browser is opening a website and appropriately scale the website to the correct size. Any website that Champ builds is formatted to automatically support mobile browsers and recognizes when the site is being accessed from a mobile device.

Mobile Site Design

Champ Internet Solutions offers custom built mobile websites for our customers to provide a hassle-free experience from any mobile browser. To ensure a user-friendly feel, our mobile sites have larger buttons for easier navigation. Also, to ensure no blank space is seen, Champ does not use flash design so a clean-cut feel is seen throughout the website.

Creating a mobile site can be your foot-in-the-door into adapting your business for devices on the go. Let Champ Internet Solutions help you get there.

Mobile Site Development

In this day and age, every site needs to be good for every platform and all devices. All sites that Champ Internet builds are mobile-friendly. There are three types of mobile sites that companies can have:

  • Mobile Sites: A mobile-friendly version of your regular website.
  • Responsive Site: Design adjusts to fit any device’s screen size.
  • Adaptive Site: Mixed elements of mobile sites and responsive sites.

Champ Internet is able to advise clients on which type of mobile site development that we offer is the best solution for your business. Just like screens come in all different sizes, so do businesses. Champ knows this and that is why each custom solution is tailored specifically to meet your needs. No matter what your website or design looks like, we will work with you to make sure the user experience is equally as effective no matter where your visitor comes from.

Mobile Responsive Design

As consumers shift to mobile devices for more and more of their web searches, the need for mobile design has been shifted to the forefront. One of these mobile-friendly designs is called mobile responsive design. Responsive design stretches or shrinks the web page to fit the size of any device’s screen. Champ Internet Solutions knows how to design and develop mobile responsive designs for our clients. In our industry, responsive design is the newest buzzword. However, this golden standard is not always right for every business or mobile application. If you are looking for mobile responsive design, consult with Champ Internet so we can strategize if it the right solution for you.

Mobile Application Development

Champ Internet Solutions is capable of building iPhone and iPad applications for businesses. Our applications are designed for optimal performance and provide easy-to-use user interfaces. Mobile applications are another way of bringing your brand to your customer in a user-friendly and convenient fashion for mobile devices. Champ develops applications for companies that need a practical solution to enhance their connection with customers on mobile devices and who want more than a mobile-compatible website.

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