Measuring Results

Brand Strategy

Champ can help you turn your data into a valuable asset. With our leading web analytics solutions, we provide rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness, as well as help you track sales and conversion rates. Armed with the right insights, you can strengthen your marketing initiatives, create more targeted campaigns and increase conversion rates and ROI. In today’s competitive landscape, analytics are becoming central to strategy. We make sure you get the right information, at the right time, to achieve the right results.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most widely used web statistics platform. Champ Internet recommends Google Analytics on all websites, as it is the most robust software with the best support. Here at Champ, we are experts in all things Google Analytics. We can assist companies in the setup, configuration and implementation of the software to your website. Champ is able to suggest which Google Analytics solution is right for your business; whether it be standard or custom, Champ consultants are able to configure the Google Analytics solution for you and implement it on your website. Our Google Analytics services include the ability for e-commerce Google Analytics solutions, the setup of filters or goals, custom dashboard creation, scheduled reporting, iPhone app integration, and many more. Whatever your business’ goals are on the web, Champ can analyze and implement a solution to get you there.

Web Analytics Implementation

Champ offers web analytics implementation solutions to help you make your business decisions quantifiable. Implementing analytics into your website can help your business:

  • Lower customer acquisition costs
  • Increase conversions
  • Stay ahead of the competition online
  • Transform raw data into meaningful metrics
  • Understand site visitor behavior patterns

Contact Champ Internet today and see even more ways web analytics implementation solutions can help your business grow. Our team has years of experience managing, integrating, reporting and analyzing complex data and information gathered from web analytics software.

Traffic Analysis

An important part of your online presence is understanding the traffic that visits your website. That is why all Champ clients receive regular traffic reporting as part of their client engagement. Champ prides itself on constantly analyzing your data and working with you to understand it, so that you can make better decisions for your business by knowing what is working and what is not working on your website.

Champ Internet also offers traffic analysis services as part of a one-time project. Our team will examine your website’s analytics and make recommendations on areas that could be improved. When Champ examines a website, we compare current analytics to different sections of time, including the previous month and the same month but from a year prior. By reviewing your site’s “traffic and trends”, a more wholesome picture of your website’s traffic can be analyzed in terms of visitor’s actions on your website. A few of the statistics Champ examines include: top keywords, referral source, page of entry, top pages viewed, time spent on site, and more.

Landing Page Testing

A landing page is the page a user first reaches after clicking on an advertisement. If you have a landing page that is difficult for the customer to follow, poorly designed or contains unclear messaging, it will result in a poor user experience. This not only ruins the immediate conversion or sale, but leaves the potential customer with a negative perception of the brand throughout the rest of the user’s buying cycle. Thus, well-built landing pages are one of the most crucial elements of an integrated Internet marketing program, as they have a large impact on the achieved return on investment. Champ landing page services include a comprehensive audit of existing landing pages along with a benchmark assessment of top competitors. Our team can do a landing page testing plan for new campaigns and pages, along with a detailed summary of recommendations. To reap the greatest rewards with landing page testing, Champ recommends testing be conducted on an ongoing basis.

Telephone Lead Tracking

Tracking web-to-lead forms and email sign up for submissions only tell a part of the story, as the majority of online leads generated come from phone calls to your website. Champ Internet’s telephone lead tracking services can be utilized by providing you with reliable, clear and actionable data that integrates the entire sales cycle from customer browsing through the completed sale. Our technology tracks all session related call information about each visitor that accesses your website, regardless of origin, including organic, PPC and referral traffic. With reporting that provides a clear insight into fine grain detail at the keyword level, Champ can tell you what keywords are generating leads. Our dynamic call tracking solutions can advise your company on what is working and what is not working, so you can optimize your telephone lead strategies.

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