Logo & Identity Creation

Brand Strategy

The Champ Internet team has years of experience creating logos and corporate identities for clients of all sizes. We offer custom identity solutions from logo design to business cards through corporate identity design packages with a logotype and style guides for both digital and print. Our team has the expertise and skills to develop a logo design that combined with your brand identity, creates the image you want for your company or product. Once your brand identity is created, we craft usage standards to ensure everyone uses your new logo properly and in a way that supports your brand positioning.

Logo Identity

The Champ team has decades of experience designing logos and identities for businesses in all types of industries. Our designers make sure your logo looks great, matches the personality and feel of your organization, makes you stand out from your competition and strategically places you in your industry’s arena. We are also able to expand upon your company’s logo to create a comprehensive brand identity for your business. This kit will include the color palette, typography, illustrations, graphics and any other supporting elements your business may need.

Business Branding

Whether your goal is to express a new brand or re-vitalize your current brand, your brand image is your point of differentiation. In short, your brand tells the story about who you are, what you stand for, and how your company differs from the crowded market category. In today’s increasingly competitive world, it’s the quality of thinking and the sharpness of your messaging that gives your brand the edge. Our team loves to create brand names, brand logos and taglines. We will work with you to brand or re-brand your business across print, online and all other mediums.


Custom illustrations add a unique touch to any website or brand strategy. With backgrounds in publishing, advertising and the web, the Champ design team brings a wide array of design skills and ideas to the table for companies in any industry. We work closely with you to strategize what you would like your brand illustration to convey and come up with unique and personalized concepts that are tailored to you. Our attention to detail and ability to work with traditional illustration and digital illustration enable us to bring your visions to life.

Brochures and Catalogs

Champ Internet Solutions creates custom brochures and catalogs that are a great piece of collateral to accompany your brand strategy. Available in print and web formats, the Champ design team knows that these marketing material pieces are a starting point to drive customers in for a sale. We can assist you in all aspects of the brochure and catalog creation process, starting with development and finishing with printing or publishing options.

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