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The business of sales, though changed immensely over time, remains true to its core foundations: offer someone what they need at the best price point possible, while still making a profit. In today’s world of consumerism, the modern shopper has taken their purchasing power online, with web and mobile shopping now reigning as the top shopping channels. Now more than ever, the common consumer expects a fluid online shopping experience, and is likely to turn to a competitor if unsatisfied with the usability of an e-store.

Champ is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of e-commerce technology. We’re excited by the new strategies, features, and platforms available to boost the sales of our clients across all industries. An e-commerce partnership with Champ brings the security of decades of web-based sales success and a proven track record of increased ROI for companies of all sizes and markets.

Allow Champ to boost your business and brand with our custom e-commerce solutions, including:

  • Baseline evaluation of existing e-commerce setup
  • Design of new e-store branding + interface
  • Development + integration of new e-commerce platform(s)
  • Setup of secure customer portals
  • Product photography and copywriting
  • Product loading and tagging
  • Ongoing management of products, payment gateways
  • Full-immersion training of management staff
  • Sales and conversion tracking + conversion optimization
  • Integration of back-office programs + CRM software

We’re here to help you succeed online. Let’s start building your custom e-commerce solution today!


We give you everything your shoppers are looking for: convenience, security, and an attractive setting. Our user-friendly e-commerce layouts, secure technology and creative eye-catching designs give customers a unique and personalized shopping experience online. Champ Internet uses technology that allows you to easily maintain and control all elements of your site. This gives you the control to ensure your online shoppers get the concise information they want in a reliable and fast manner. The Champ Internet e-commerce team is experienced in all facets of e-commerce business management, including working with any payment gateways, affiliate program capabilities, shipping options, Quickbooks integration and more. With years of experience and our degrees in E-business management, Champ Internet is your e-commerce solution.

Conversion Rate Optimization

People may love your website and spend minutes or hours clicking from page to page. But what if they never actually buy your product or ‘convert’ in any way? At Champ Internet, our team is skilled at identifying and removing barriers that stop site visitors from becoming customers, leading you and your business to increased revenue through sales. Conversion rate optimization focuses on getting a higher percentage of your site traffic to turn into a lead or customer. Proper conversion rate optimization strategies make this process both a science and an art, meaning there is no one-size fits all strategy for clients. Each conversion rate optimization done by the Champ Internet team is a custom solution for your business.

Back Office Integration/CRM

Integration between your CRM system and your company’s back-office solutions allows every facet of your organization can work together to maintain client relationships. This integration also helps with communication and to streamline workflow throughout your business. Instead of dual entries into the system, CRM integration requires only one entry, thus, making your business more productive, faster and should also increase employee productivity. With a faster solution, your company can keep its focus on the customer and maintaining a positive experience through their sales cycle.

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