Cross Channel Marketing

Brand Strategy

Cross-channel marketing is different than multi-channel marketing. Cross channel marketing is intended to drive a single campaign with a consistent message that is coordinated across channels. We can help you stay consistent over disparate channels. From direct mail and email to mobile and social media, we’re sensitive to the nuances and can present consistent and coordinated messages to your customers. Literally, we know how to drive campaigns that span both traditional and emerging channels.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way for a company to connect and communicate with prospects and stay in touch with consumers. A type of direct marketing, Champ Internet Solutions creates email blasts for clients to enhance the business and customer relationship and spread announcements to company’s clientele. With most people carrying around a smartphone today, email marketing is a fast and cost-efficient way to target a large audience.

For our clients, Champ creates customized HTML templates that are cohesive with a client’s brand strategy. Our streamlined process also includes the ability to create tracking links to report how many times internal links are clicked for reporting purposes. Champ helps our clients with every process of the email marketing system requested, ranging from contacts and database integration to content creation.

Social Media Marketing

These days, it’s not only who you know, but how many you know. Today social media is rapidly becoming a key part of any smart marketing mix. However, the rules of the game online are much different than traditional marketing strategies. We can show you how to define an effective social media plan, start conversations and build brand recognition. With advertising budgets shrinking and online word of mouth becoming more prominent, social media has become the logical compliment to traditional strategies. The key is finding the way to do it right.

Marketing Collateral

Because many companies have shifted from selling products face-to-face to marketing products online, developing traditional marketing collateral has often taken a back seat. However, today, many companies are taking a step back to re-evaluate how they market in an end-to-end fashion. Executives are now managing in both virtual and real markets. And they’re realizing they need marketing collateral to support their aggressive growth targets. Champ’s collateral solutions optimize these marketing channels, standardize your brand standards and deliver well-executed materials that support your end-to-end marketing goals.

  • Brochures, sales literature marketing
  • Newsletters, e-newsletters
  • White papers, case studies
  • Training, sales support

Banner Creation

Banner ads are an evolving type of online advertising that can be an essential part of your mix. Banner ads offer significant potential with a well-targeted 24/7 marketing campaign designed to drive traffic to your site by linking to another. Today, banner ads on websites are becoming more commonplace, so to see strong results you have to ensure your ad stands out. We can help you capitalize on the few seconds your ad has to perform with compelling and interesting banner ads that carry strong messaging and calls to action.

Social Network Coordination

Have all of your social networks work together for you.

When a company has multiple social media accounts, Champ Internet Solutions can help integrate them into one comprehensive social media strategy. Though the accounts are separate, Champ Internet Solutions can link your accounts so that no social media platform is independently operated and no social media audience is segmented from receiving any message that you would like them to receive. We work to leverage all of the appropriate opportunities out of each social media channel.

Champ can centrally manage your social media accounts and create an editorial calendar to ensure that all of your social media accounts are kept up-to-date. Keeping your social media accounts updated will also benefit your organic SEO.

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