Seven Easy Steps to Boost Your Marketing Game

Savvy entrepreneurs know that good marketing takes place all the time – and the best ways to boost your web presence don’t have to eat up the day. Read on for seven no-nonsense solutions to enhance your online presence – and boost the bottom line.

Embrace Instagram

The data’s in: Instagram’s appeal is on the rise with disparate audiences around the world. In our hyper-digital world, everyone loves an image – and compelling imagery along with superb content is one of the best ways to lure your audiences in. One of the fastest growing social media platforms, Instagram has over 500 million active users – and that number is growing all the time. To hit millennials, baby boomers, and everyone in between, log onto Instagram today.

Face Detractors Head On

Detractors take away from your Internet presence, uploading negative reviews that could impact your business for the worse. Detractors tend, unfortunately, to outnumber those offering up praise, since disgruntled customers are much more likely to air their grievances aloud. Bad word-of-mouth can hurt your brand for years down the line, so nip bad reviews in the bud, and deal with detractors head on. Respond quickly and respectfully to those with complaints, and keep your responses kind, respectful, and concerned – never inflammatory. Send a personal apology note if you feel the situation merits it, or consider presenting appealing offerings. Ultimately, stay focused on a positive solution until the detractor is satisfied, since when it comes to bad reviews, few things can hurt a brand more.

Be a Trendsettter – or at Least a Follower

In today’s ever-changing digital realm, those seeking success have no choice but to follow the trends. Luckily, trend shopping can pay off big time where marketing is concerned. 2018’s trends are focused on the rise of video content – and the presence of “empathy” style marketing worldwide. With increased attention focused on compassion – and on the client.

Harness the Power of People

Lots of marketers are turning to automation to meet their marketing goals, but ultimately, it’s imperative that you’ve got actually humans running the show, with automated solutions serving as complements. A one-man content team may not be enough for a burgeoning business, and it’s not worth skimping on quality content – you’re likely to hurt your brand in the end. Instead, take the time to eke out high quality content experts, then do whatever you can to incentivize them to stay.

Say Yes to Google

If you haven’t already, it’s time to jump on the Google bandwagon – once and for all! A strong Google ranking can make or break your bottom line, so it’s critical to ensure you’re doing everything you can to boost your presence. Be sure to complete your business profile, and don’t forget to enhance your brand with high-quality, relevant SEO – all these things keep Google looking favorably upon your organization. Finally, don’t overlook the power of Google Analytics, which will address any weaknesses in your marketing strategy.

Embrace Second-Tier Linking

If you haven’t discovered second-tier linking, it’s time you investigated this easy, cost-effective way to get your message across. Instead of linking your website directly from a piece of outside content, a second-tier link goes from any website to the specific piece of content linked to your site. In other words, you get your link to show up on sites that aren’t yours. Say you’re creating a guest blog post: You’ll embed a link to your brand, then the post gets uploaded to another site. Now, you’re backlinked.

Make your Voice Heard – Then Slip the Ads In

Participate in Quora discussions to enhance your brand’s credibility, relevance, and overall position against the competition. Plus, Quora makes a great place to advertise, too. Stumbleupon also represents a great opportunity for marketers to participate and advertise all at once, since this social networking “discovery engine” runs on constant, real-time user input. Great content will make the rounds fast with a platform like this. Finally, consider advertising on Reddit – alongside big guns like Coca Cola and Toyota. This popular discussion platform promises appealing, relevant content to its thousands of daily users.

It’s time to take stock of your marketing strategy. What’s working? What isn’t? Dust off your social media presence, take a gander at Google Analytics, and see what other tweaks might be made to boost your brand – the easy way.

Post By: Tim Weydt

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